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Our services

  • Permanent exclusion and sealing of ALL rodent holes and entry points with construction grade materials.
  • Weekly trap check-ups until your home is declared rodent free.
  • New home inspections if needed for the sale, or purchase of a home.
  • Infestation clean-ups
  • Infested insulation removal and installation.
  • Subfloor/crawlspace clean-ups.
  • Sanitize infested areas

Why use our Company

  • Fast response time.
  • Affordable prices for any job.
  • Extensive knowledge in the field of rodents and the best ways to permanently seal them out of your home or business.
  • No overpriced year-long contract that doesn't fix the real problem
  • Any customer of ours is treated like family.
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We are a family owned business centrally located in Novato, CA. Marin county, with technicians also located in surrounding areas.

We offer the highest quality of rodent exclusion and clean-up services available. Your family, your home, and your business deserve to enjoy the peace of a rodent free environment. Don't sign up for an overpriced, year long contract that never addresses or resolves the real issue. Contact Done Right Rodent Proofing and seal those critters out for good! No job is too big or too small for us. Even if it's just a single mouse, rat, squirrel, raccoon, skunk, etc, giving you trouble...

Then don't hesitate and give us a call and get the job DONE RIGHT!



1. What is "Rodent Proofing"?

Rodent Proofing or Rodent Exclusion is the expertise and work needed to find and repair the holes, gaps, and issues that a home or business has that's allowing rodents to enter the property. Those holes or issues can be anywhere on the exterior and are often hard to find. That's why our expertise and thoroughness exceeds the competition and why we confidently offer a 2 YEAR rodent free guarantee. In order to truly get rid of the pest or rodent problem correctly, repairing the holes with the proper construction grade materials is essential.

2. Are we a pest control company?

Technically speaking, yes, we are in the pest control category. Whether it's a single rat or mouse or multiple rats or mice, rodents are still considered "pests". But since we specialise in locating ALL the holes and issues your home or business has, and specialise in the permanent exclusion work needed to "proof" the structure, we're on a higher level than a standard pest control company.

3. What's the difference between your Rodent Proofing company and my usual pest control company?

A standard pest control company will only focus on putting out some poison and traps, and attempt to keep the rodents numbers down to where they're less noticeable. But they do not do the actual repair work needed in order to eliminate the rodents ability to penetrate your home or business. Trapping and poison alone will NOT get rid of the problem for good. Your home or business deserves to be sealed correctly so the nuisance of unwanted pests is over for good.

4. Is using steel wool, spray foam, or scent deterrents a good way to "proof" a home or business?

Absolutely NOT! Rats, mice, squirrels, and many other rodents can and will chew straight through spray foam in a matter of minutes! Rodents can and will also just bite or pull steel wool out of whatever hole or gap it's stuffed into. There are pictures in my gallery of tunnels chewed completely through spray foam. It does NOT work for rodents. Be very wary of ANY company that uses spray foam. It looks terrible and 100% does not work when trying to exterminate rodents or pests. A proper exterminator company uses the proper construction grade materials only.

5. What materials does your company use?

We use a mixture of 1/4 inch steel screen, solid metal flashing, concrete, quick-set concrete, and/or lumber, primarily on the majority of our jobs.

6. What happens to any rats or mice that are stuck inside a wall, attic, or crawlspace after you close all of their holes?

We offer a thorough Trapping Process to catch any remaining pests / rodents after our proofing work is done, until we are confident that you are rodent free.

7. What is your trapping process exactly?

After our proofing / exclusion / repair work is done, we then place traps in your attic, crawlspace, and any other non-human/non-pet areas to catch the remaining pests stuck inside. We then monitor or "trap-check" those traps for you every 3-5 days until we're confident you're rodent free. You never need to touch or even see the traps or rodents caught. We take care of it for you.

8. Does your company use any poisons?

Absolutely NOT. Aside from the rodents, poisons are a potentially dangerous or fatal option for pets, people, and other non-targeted wildlife. Mechanical snap-traps, baited properly, are the most safe and humane ways for exterminating only the problem pests.

9. What is included in a Proofing Job?

A job includes all of the proofing / exclusion work. It includes the full trapping process. It includes weekly trap-checks until rodent free. And it includes a 2 YEAR rodent free guarantee.

10. Does your company also do cleanups / cleanings of infested areas?

We also offer cleanings and can sanitize and deodorizer areas that we feel need it, or if the client adamantly wants it. Usually cleanings are not needed, so I usually advise clients to save the money. But yes, we do offer cleanings, cleanups, cleanouts, etc...

11. What is your 2 YEAR guarantee?

Our 2 YEAR guarantee is the assurance that if rodents ever return and create new holes or issues on your home or business, then we will return as well and ALL additional work is ZERO additional cost to you. Our clients should not have to suffer and pay more money just because a few new critters have shown up. Don't worry, we'll take care of any and all new issues at no additional charge. And yes, the trapping process and trap-checks are also included in the 2 YEAR guarantee.

12. What areas do you service?

we provide the highest quality pest control / rodent control / exterminator / rodent proofing and exclusion work for all of Marin County, Sonoma County, Napa, and the coast. We service Sausalito, Marin City, Tiburon, Belvedere, Mill Valley, Corte Madera, Kent, Kentfield, Ross, Nicasio, Woodacre, Lagunitas, Fairfax, Bolinas, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Terra Linda, China Camp, Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Hamilton, Ignacio, Novato, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Windsor, Sonoma, Napa, and all surrounding areas.

13. Is your company licensed and insured?

Absolutely, yes and yes.

14. Is your business local and family owned?

Yes, we are a small family owned company based in Novato, California.

15. What's the difference between pest control, rodent proofing, and an exterminator?

There's many names for this type of work. Some names are pest control, pest exterminator, rat exterminator, mice exterminator, pest exclusion, rodent exclusion, rodent control, wildlife control, and many many others. They're all general broad terms. Most pest control companies mainly focus on "bugs". Spiders, roaches, ants, termites, bedbugs, etc... Most exterminator companies mainly focus on "bugs" as well, but also attempt to deal with rodents. And proofing or exclusion companies focus on not only exterminating the rodents or pests, but also focus on doing the proper repair work to eliminate the holes and issues that allow the rodents to return.

Here at Done Right Rodent Proofing, we are the absolute best at ridding your home or business of unwanted pests for good!


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